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Friday, 25 April 2014

"Tribal Lines" Logo and Promo art

"Tribal Lines"

A fantasy comic book series coming soon from:

Co-Created & Written: Kelly Bender 
Co-Created & Illustrations: Nathan Jordan 

                                  "Trapped behind enemy Lines.  All you can rely on are your TRIBAL instincts."

Thursday, 17 April 2014

"Tribal Lines" comic book character designs

"Tribal Lines"

Trapped behind enemy lines in an unknown environment a lone female warrior must rely on her tribal instincts for survival.

This fantasy comic book will be ready for pitching to publishers by Oct 2014.

"Tribal Lines" Credits:

Co-Created & Written: Kelly Bender 
Co-Created & Illustrated: Nathan Jordan

Character Designs: 

                                                             Yasha (main character) 

                                                                       Yasha and Ash'r 

Environment Designs 

Saturday, 12 April 2014

"Yakuza - 893" Comic book miniseries

"Yakuza - 893" is a four issue comic book miniseries coming soon.

Co-Created & Written: Kelly Bender (twitter:
Co-Created & Art: Eda Kunis (Deviantart:

The first issue will be ready for pitching to publishers October 2014 at NYC Comic Con.

Main Character: Kiros is a Yakuza enforcer who during a job gone wrong makes a decision which will change his life forever.

YAKUZA Family (Promo Piece) 

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

"Death-Rattler" Pitch pages with letters

"Death-Rattler" is a 6 issue miniseries which I am pitching to publishers.

Co-Created & Written: Kelly Bender
Co-Created, Illustrations & Colors: Ryan Downing
Inks: Ivan Miranda
Letters: Nic Shaw

It is a "Western/Steampunk/Fantasy" comic book.

"Death-Rattler" tells the story of Dawson Cole whose father was murdered one day when she was a child, and her story of revenge.


Monday, 7 April 2014

"Blood In. Blood Out." Complete illustrations and Creative Team bios

"Blood In. Blood Out." is an urban comic book series about gang life and about one members struggle to try and leave gang life alive and without going to prison.

The team met on Deviant art and started talking after Kelly Bender was inspired by Nathan Kelly's drawing style.

Those conversations led to the creation of "Blood In. Blood Out."

Co-Created & Illustrator: Nathan Kelly 

Nathan Kelly is a former intelligence analyst with the US Army, and was a multimedia illustrator for the National Guard. He is a self taught illustrator and "Blood In. Blood Out." is his first comic book series.  

Nathan Kelly resides in North Carolina with his wife and his two small children. 

Follow him on Twitter: @nkellynk28

Co-Creator & Writer: Kelly Bender 

Kelly Bender is the ongoing series writer for "Age of Darkness" from TITANIUM COMICS, the creator and writer of "Starburn" from EMERALD STAR COMICS, and the creator and writer of "Sadistic" from EVIL MOOSE COMICS

Kelly Bender is originally from Calgary, Alberta, Canada but now lives in Singapore with his wife, daughter and their cat.

Here is the complete first issue comic book (minus the words).  The first 2 issues are completely drawn and issues 1-3 have been completely scripted with issues 4-6 outlined and plotted.

                                             Follow him on Twitter: @KellyBender17

"Blood In. Blood Out." Outline:       


This comic book is being pitched to publishers soon. 

Saturday, 5 April 2014

"Soul Clouds" comic book series

"Soul Clouds" is a comic book series which will be coming to a publisher near you in late 2015.

It is a super hero story unlike any you have ever seen before.

Imagine a world where there are "powers" and they can be transferred!

Logo and sample art coming soon...

Follow me on twitter ( ) and on Facebook ( for updates on this comic book series and all my comic book ideas.

"Blood In. Blood Out." Noir Gang Comic Book series

"Blood In. Blood Out." is a noir urban gang comic book series

"Blood In. Blood Out." is a mantra for most gangs. The only way in is by killing someone to prove your loyalty and the only way out is by dying. Once a gang member you are for life.

Co-Created & Written: Kelly Bender (twitter:

Co-Created & Art & Inks: Nathan Kelly (twitter:

Colors: Joshua Jensen

Letters: Nic J Shaw (

Here is a 10 page Preview of issue 1. (we will be adding the words to the pitch we will be sending out to publishers.)

Three issues are completely written and 2 issues are completely drawn.