Here is just a sampling of the many comic book series I've written & co-created

Thursday, 29 January 2015

"What was once yours is mine" anthology story

"What was once yours is mine" was the first EVER anthology story I wrote and it got published!!

Written specifically for the amazingly talented artist CRISUADI
The publisher was EVIL MOOSE COMICS 


"Rule # 001" Anthology Story.

"Rule Number 001." is one of the first anthology comic stories I ever wrote.
I'm very proud of the story and what it taught me about making comics.

ART, INKS and LETTERS by the amazing AGA MARLON
PUBLISHER is the great people at EMERALD STAR COMICS who took a chance on my story. This story appear in EMERALD STAR PRESENTS #03 follow this link to see ALL the cool stories and talented people they've worked with :

Friday, 9 January 2015


"STARBURN" is a 4 issue sci-fi Comic book series coming out early 2015 from publisher MARKOSIA

Created & Written: KELLY BENDER
Illustrated: BRIAN BALONDO
Letters: NIC J SHAW

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Kelly Bender's Comic Books being Published

What an amazing 2 years it's been!

I've been busy writing and creating comic books for the past 3 years and this year books are being published!!

"Convoy of Corpses" is a 24 page stand alone Afghanistan war comic picked up by INSANE COMICS 

Created & Written: Kelly Bender (Me)
Artist: Andi Supriyono 
Inker: Ivan Miranda 
Colorist: Amitabha Naskar 
Letters: Nic J. Shaw 

 "C.L.A.W.S." is a 4 issue miniseries comic being published by INSANE COMICS Summer 2015!!

Co-Created & Written: Kelly Bender (Me)
Co-Created & Art by Jose L. Mojica 
Colors: Chad Scott 
Letters Micah Myers

"STARBURN" is a 4 issue Sci-Fi miniseries out now by my publisher! MARKOSIA

Buy the issues on COMIXOLOGY here: PURCHASE HERE

Created & Written: Kelly Bender (Me)
Illustrations: Brian Balondo 
Colors: Laura Lee
Letters: Nic J Shaw

"SNARL" an original 40 page graphic novel I co-created with artist Nathan Kelly is out now from publisher Alterna Comics - Creator-Owned Graphic Novel Publisher 


Colors: Josh Jensen 
Letters: Micah Myers
I also Created & Wrote "AQUEOUSwith amazing art by Michy Kahuya, inks by Jeff Graham , colors by Matt James and letters by Micah Myers. The first issue just got completed and we will be pitching it to publishers early 2015. Announcements hopefully coming soon...
"DEATH-RATTLER" is a 6 issue miniseries I Write and Co-Created with artist Ryan Downing . We are pitching to publishers early 2015. 

Inks: Ivan Miranda
Colors: ALAN BAY 
Letters: Micah Myers.
"YAKUZA 893" is a 4 issue miniseries I Write and Co-Created with artist Eda Kunsis . The first issue is almost complete and I'll be pitching it to publishers at Emerald City Comicon . Inks: Ivan Miranda , Colors: Laura Lee and letters Micah Myers.
"Blood In. Blood Out." is another comic I Co-Created and Write. It's an ongoing series Co-Creator and Artist NATHAN KELLY and I are pitching at EMERALD CITY COMIC CON in March. (Colors: Josh Jensen , Letters: Micah Myers and Covers Tom Kelly)

"Midnight Society" is a comic book I am writing for Artist Carlo C. Garde & colorist Pascal Verhoef (letters by Micah Myers) We will be pitching this comic series Spring 2015.
What does 2015 have in store for me?
"TRIBAL LINES" (with Co-Creator & Artist Nathan Jordan )
                               "LITTLE BLACK BOXES" (with Co-Creator & Artist Stanley Chou)

"THE DRIFT" (Co-Creator & Artist announcement coming soon...)
"BABYBOT" (an all-ages comic series using the characters from the store my wife Renee Bender and I used to own artist Felix Wong)

Other pitches?