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Thursday, 1 January 2015

Kelly Bender's Comic Books being Published

What an amazing 2 years it's been!

I've been busy writing and creating comic books for the past 3 years and this year books are being published!!

"Convoy of Corpses" is a 24 page stand alone Afghanistan war comic picked up by INSANE COMICS 

Created & Written: Kelly Bender (Me)
Artist: Andi Supriyono 
Inker: Ivan Miranda 
Colorist: Amitabha Naskar 
Letters: Nic J. Shaw 

 "C.L.A.W.S." is a 4 issue miniseries comic being published by INSANE COMICS Summer 2015!!

Co-Created & Written: Kelly Bender (Me)
Co-Created & Art by Jose L. Mojica 
Colors: Chad Scott 
Letters Micah Myers

"STARBURN" is a 4 issue Sci-Fi miniseries out now by my publisher! MARKOSIA

Buy the issues on COMIXOLOGY here: PURCHASE HERE

Created & Written: Kelly Bender (Me)
Illustrations: Brian Balondo 
Colors: Laura Lee
Letters: Nic J Shaw

"SNARL" an original 40 page graphic novel I co-created with artist Nathan Kelly is out now from publisher Alterna Comics - Creator-Owned Graphic Novel Publisher 


Colors: Josh Jensen 
Letters: Micah Myers
I also Created & Wrote "AQUEOUSwith amazing art by Michy Kahuya, inks by Jeff Graham , colors by Matt James and letters by Micah Myers. The first issue just got completed and we will be pitching it to publishers early 2015. Announcements hopefully coming soon...
"DEATH-RATTLER" is a 6 issue miniseries I Write and Co-Created with artist Ryan Downing . We are pitching to publishers early 2015. 

Inks: Ivan Miranda
Colors: ALAN BAY 
Letters: Micah Myers.
"YAKUZA 893" is a 4 issue miniseries I Write and Co-Created with artist Eda Kunsis . The first issue is almost complete and I'll be pitching it to publishers at Emerald City Comicon . Inks: Ivan Miranda , Colors: Laura Lee and letters Micah Myers.
"Blood In. Blood Out." is another comic I Co-Created and Write. It's an ongoing series Co-Creator and Artist NATHAN KELLY and I are pitching at EMERALD CITY COMIC CON in March. (Colors: Josh Jensen , Letters: Micah Myers and Covers Tom Kelly)

"Midnight Society" is a comic book I am writing for Artist Carlo C. Garde & colorist Pascal Verhoef (letters by Micah Myers) We will be pitching this comic series Spring 2015.
What does 2015 have in store for me?
"TRIBAL LINES" (with Co-Creator & Artist Nathan Jordan )
                               "LITTLE BLACK BOXES" (with Co-Creator & Artist Stanley Chou)

"THE DRIFT" (Co-Creator & Artist announcement coming soon...)
"BABYBOT" (an all-ages comic series using the characters from the store my wife Renee Bender and I used to own artist Felix Wong)

Other pitches?

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