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Thursday, 19 December 2013

SADISTIC Comic book coming soon from EVIL MOOSE COMICS!!

SADISTIC is a comic book created and written by me, about an insane super villain who can't be killed.

Created and Written: Kelly Bender (me)
Illustrations & Inks: Bryant Christopher Yini
Colors:Pascal Verhoef
Letters: Micah Myers

SADISTIC just got picked up by EVIL MOOSE COMICS!!   

This comic book is guaranteed published!  First in an anthology story (8 pages) coming out in March 2014 and then as a 4 issue Miniseries coming out Summer 2014!!


Steals other dying peoples souls to maintain his own life. Every time "Sadistic" is dying or dead his body automatically teleports anywhere in the world to another dying persons place and absorbs their soul to stay alive.

Since almost 3 people in the world die each and every second, he could be "re-born" anywhere. Knowing he will always comeback after dying has made "Sadistic" very unpredictable and unstable.

Has above normal strength and tough skin, also has other powers he has yet to show due to the fact that he is not afraid to die.

SADISTIC Anthology into story:

In this short story SADISTIC has broken into the mansion of the costumed Hero called the SHRIKE and gives him a choice... his daughters life or his gadgets.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

"Convoy of Corpses" review by THE FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE

My creator owned comic book Convoy of Corpses was recently reviewed by the website THE FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE you can read the review here:

Click on the link above to read the review. 

Buy a copy here:

Convoy of Corpses Creative team:

Created & Written: Kelly Bender
Illustrations: Van Choran
Inks: Ivan Miranda
Colors: Amitabha Naskar
Letters: Nic J Shaw

                                   PAGE 01
                                                                                   PAGE 02
                                                                            PAGE 03
                                                                                     PAGE 04

Monday, 2 December 2013

"STARBURN" Sci-Fi Comic book coming out soon from EMERALD STAR COMICS

STARBURN is a new comic book series which will be available MAY 2014 by EMERALD STAR COMICS (

CREATIVE TEAM: ("Mankind to the Third Power Studios")
Created & Illustrated: Kelly Bender (Me)
Illustrations: Brian Balondo (
Inks: Cristian Docolomansky (
Colors: TBD
Letters: Nic J Shaw (

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

CELESTIAL CORPS comic book I co-created and write

"Celestial Corps" 

Co-Created & Written: Kelly Bender (
Co-Created & Covers: Isidore "Isikol" Koliavras
Art: Brian Balondo
Inks: Cristian Docolomansky 
Colors: Thom Bulman (
Letters: Micah Myers (

"Celestial Corps" is a contracted security force.  Planets all over the universe can become members by paying the annual fee. Once members the "Celestial Corps" can provide rescue missions, provide security when travelling through uncharted quadrants, and assist during war times.

This story is about a "Celestial Corps" squad which responds to a distress call from a damaged spacecraft.

The spacecraft makes an emergency landing on an unknown planet, the closest "Celestial Corps" squad is dispatched to assist in the rescue of all surviving occupants.

On the unknown planet the squad must battle the elements, the dangerous creatures which inhabit the planet, and the biggest threat of all just might be the ones they where hired to rescue in the first place.

This book is in the process of getting ready for a publishers pitch.

(Each "Celestial Corps" team member is named after a constellation, the symbols you see in each word bubble is their constellation.)

"The Arcane" Comic book series from TITANIUM COMICS

                                             The Arcane is the latest title being released by TITANIUM COMICS                                                     TITANIUM COMICS FACEBOOKTITANIUM COMICS STORETITANIUM COMICS TWITTER
Company Overview
Titanium Comics is a Division of Titanium Publishing, LLC.

Written by Andy Wolfendon

Penciled and Inked by Paolo D' Antonio
Colored by Marco Pagnotta

Letterer Crank

Designs by Pablo Fernandez & Paolo D'Antonio

Created and Edited by Don McLiam

In the American wild west, Occultist Josephus Arcane unlocks more keys to the symbols found within the occult system than any other human being known. Inspired by his discoveries, he writes volume upon volume on his findings and knowledge. The Opus of his work leads directly to the throne room of Hell itself where he acquires an audience with Satan. Jealous of Josephus' knowledge and covetous of certain powers he has unlocked, Satan tries to fool him into accepting his daughter for Josephus' Grimmoire which contains the key he needs to take back heaven. Josephus refuses the exchange and in turn, Satan takes what he believes is the right book and curses the future Arcane offspring. Years later after several wives and several sons, Josephus leaves and is never again seen by mortal men. Growing up feared and bewitched, his sons display specific dark abilities making them outcast among men. The Arcane Brothers, John, Joshua, Joseph, Jeremiah and Jesus are brought together to fulfill the work their father left for them and intercede in the war between Satan and God and determine who will inherit the “keys to the kingdom."

                                                                ACTUAL INTERIOR ART PREVIEW

General Information
The Arcane™, its logo and the Titanium Comics Logo™ consisting of Titanium Comics name, Comic Series Name, Issue Number, Metallic “Ti” Periodic Table Square Design are the trademarks of Titanium Publishing, LLC. Copyright 2013 Property of Titanium Comics a Division on Titanium Publishing, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Monday, 4 November 2013

"Age of Darkness" Comic book from TITANIUM COMICS

TITANIUM COMICS (TITANIUM COMICS Facebook), (TITANIUM COMICS Twitter) (TITANIUM COMICS Store) Is a wicked new publisher with some exciting tittles coming your way...

I am the ongoing series writer for "Age of Darkness" starting with issue 2.

Titanium Comics, a Division of Titanium Publishing, LLC

Writers: Kelly Bender (Issues 2-6), Joanna Estep, and Don McLiam (Issue 1) 

Artists: Joanna Estep and Leonardo Colapietro 

Colorist: Joanna Estep and Marco Pagnotta

Letterer: Crank

Designs by Jasper Sanders & Joanna Estep

Created and Edited by Don McLiam

A human world watching the last sunset on its existence gives birth to a casual group of survivors who get more then they bargain for when accepting the mission to save what is left of mankind and complete a mission to breathe new life in the human race. Outfitted with unique weapons and a behemoth transport vehicle, the team is launched into a war with demons, zombies and other creatures now controlling and inhabiting their world.



Friday, 1 November 2013

"The Other Half" Comic book first 7 preview pages.

Here is the cover and the first 7 pages colored and lettered ready for a comic book pitch.

"The Other Half" Creative Team:

Created & Written: Kelly Bender (email:
Drawings & Inking: Adrian "Crisuadi" Crasmaru (
Colors: Gerardo Garcia
Letters: Nic J Shaw (
Logo: Mike Kam Lee

                                                                             Page 01
                                                                               Page 02
                                                                              Page 03
                                                                             Page 04
                                                                                    Page 05
                                                                             Page 06
                                                                                    Page 07

Thursday, 31 October 2013

"Convoy of Corpses" Comic book One-shot

"Convoy of Corpses" is an Afghanistan War one-shot comic book

"Convoy of Corpses" Creative Team

Created & Written: Kelly Bender
Interior Art: Van Choran
Inks: Ivan Miranda
Colors: Amitabha Naskar
Letters: Nic J Shaw
Cover: Tom Kelly

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

"Blood In. Blood Out." mature comic book preview pages Caution Adult Language and Nudity!!!!

"Blood In. Blood Out."

“Blood In. Blood Out.” is a term used by many urban gangs. What it means is that the only way into the gang is by killing somebody for them and the only way out is by being killed. 

This comic book is about a Brooklyn gang and the dealings they have with other gangs, their own drug dealers, prostitutes and crew.  It’s about the gang’s relationship with the crooked cops walking the beat, the undercover cops and FBI agents trying to bring them down and other people from the neighborhood who are just trying to survive.

It is a gritty raw look at urban gang life and what it takes to run a gang empire and also what it takes to bring it all tumbling down.

It’s “The Wire” meets “The Sopranos” with an urban flare.  

Due to the subject matter this is a mature rated comic book. 

Co-Created & Written: Kelly Bender (Me) 
Co-Created & Illustrated: Nathan Kelly
Colors: Josh Jensen 
Letters: Nic J Shaw
Cover: Tom Kelly 
                                                                  STORY OUTLINE
                                                                         PAGE 01
                                                                          PAGE 02
                                                                         PAGE 03
                                                                         PAGE 04
                                                                        PAGE 05
                                                                       PAGE 06