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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

"The Arcane" Comic book series from TITANIUM COMICS

                                             The Arcane is the latest title being released by TITANIUM COMICS                                                     TITANIUM COMICS FACEBOOKTITANIUM COMICS STORETITANIUM COMICS TWITTER
Company Overview
Titanium Comics is a Division of Titanium Publishing, LLC.

Written by Andy Wolfendon

Penciled and Inked by Paolo D' Antonio
Colored by Marco Pagnotta

Letterer Crank

Designs by Pablo Fernandez & Paolo D'Antonio

Created and Edited by Don McLiam

In the American wild west, Occultist Josephus Arcane unlocks more keys to the symbols found within the occult system than any other human being known. Inspired by his discoveries, he writes volume upon volume on his findings and knowledge. The Opus of his work leads directly to the throne room of Hell itself where he acquires an audience with Satan. Jealous of Josephus' knowledge and covetous of certain powers he has unlocked, Satan tries to fool him into accepting his daughter for Josephus' Grimmoire which contains the key he needs to take back heaven. Josephus refuses the exchange and in turn, Satan takes what he believes is the right book and curses the future Arcane offspring. Years later after several wives and several sons, Josephus leaves and is never again seen by mortal men. Growing up feared and bewitched, his sons display specific dark abilities making them outcast among men. The Arcane Brothers, John, Joshua, Joseph, Jeremiah and Jesus are brought together to fulfill the work their father left for them and intercede in the war between Satan and God and determine who will inherit the “keys to the kingdom."

                                                                ACTUAL INTERIOR ART PREVIEW

General Information
The Arcane™, its logo and the Titanium Comics Logo™ consisting of Titanium Comics name, Comic Series Name, Issue Number, Metallic “Ti” Periodic Table Square Design are the trademarks of Titanium Publishing, LLC. Copyright 2013 Property of Titanium Comics a Division on Titanium Publishing, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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