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Monday, 22 April 2013

"Changeling" Graphic Novel I am writing

I met an amazing artist on "Deviantart" named Sith Abair (, we got talking about her art (which is amazing) and she mentioned she had a great story and concept but no writer, I mentioned I can look at it and give it a shot and if she likes it we can work together.

So I took some time and wrote the first 6 pages and....

She liked it.

Sith is an amazing person and an amazing artist and I am honored to be working with her on this fantastic project of hers.

We are starting on the very early steps of what will eventually be (hopefully) a 100 page YA graphic novel.  It is a unique story of self discovery and magical realms.

Below is the cover minus the title, the young boy is our hero "Indigo".


More to come soon.

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