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Saturday, 29 November 2014

"The Drift" Comic Book Miniseries

"The Drift"‬ comic book miniseries is currently being written.

Co-Created & Written: Kelly Bender
Co-Created & Illustrated: ??

I will be looking for the right illustrator for this project at a future date.
(No! it has nothing to do with fast and furious cars :))

Elevator publishers pitch:

Think ‪"HungerGames"‬ meets ‪"PoseidonAdventure"‬ meets ‪"DieHard"‬


In the not so distant future America, crime is so rampant and prisons so over crowded that something had to be done.

The Country has switched over to a religious state. The President is no more, the "Chancellor" rules the land now through the words of "God".

But crime was still happening. In order to eradicate the sinners "The Drift" is initiated.

Through a lottery style draw, criminals by the thousands are selected to take part in "The Drift". The most hardened criminals are automatically selected, rapists, murderers, serial killers... the rest are selected through a random draw.

If you survive "the Drift" then your "sins" are forgiven. 

"The Drift" is broadcasted to the masses as a sort of sermon, while it purges the sinners and shows "Gods will" to the citizens.

When your numbers called can you survive "The Drift"?

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