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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

"Blood In. Blood Out." Gritty Crime Comic I am writing

I am writing "Blood In. Blood Out." with the amazing urban art of Nathan Kelly (

It is my first R-Rated comic I am pitching.  (yes there is nudity, yes there is killing and yes there are a lot of "bad words" in it.)  It is hopefully a realistic story about "gang-life".

It is a story set in Brooklyn, NY about gangs,drugs, sex, crime, undercover FBI agents and what it takes to stay in control while everything around you could fall apart at any moment.

Nathan & I are getting it ready for a July Publisher Pitch.

Below are some sample pages.


  1. The pages are looking great! I haven't seen the script, but it would appear from these samples that the story flows pretty well from page-to-page, and I can get a feel for what's happening...

    Nice clean pencil/line-work, too! Very nice! I really hope you guys get a bite upon pitchin' this project! :D

    1. Thanks.

      These are actually Pages 1, Page 10 and Page 9 (they aren't in order on here but will be in the book :) )

      I can't put the script sample up here as I know I got some sensitive readers of this blog.

      Thanks for the luck. We are hoping to get it ready for pitching by end of the month or early July.

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  3. nice work i love it, and look forward to seeing a finish copy

    1. Hi Nigel,

      thanks man, we are getting a cover and 6 pages ready for pitching to publishers at NYC Comic Con this October, so hopefully one of them grab it up.

      It really is a cool idea and fans of "The Wire", "Sopranos" and "100 Bullets" should love it.

      Keep checking back here for more updates.

      Thanks again.


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