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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

"False Dawn" 4 issue miniseries I am pitch to publishers

"False Dawn" is a modern day political thriller.

It is a cross between the movies "Se7en" & "National Treasure"

"False Dawn" Creative Team:

Created & Written: Kelly Bender (me) email:
Drawing & inks: Ken Perry
Colors: Laura Lee
Letters: Nic J Shaw


What happens when the 4 living former presidents are being targeted to pay for their past misdeeds done while under presidency?

This is a story is about revenge, not on a single person or individuals but on the “American Dream” itself.

An elaborate plot has been orchestrated to terrorize the United States Government, and pull back the curtain to let the American public see what their government is all about. 

The “American Dream” starts to unravel with a group military style attack of an American President, the former American President Carter.  

This act sends the National Defense community into frenzy, government officials blaming terrorist groups and the Middle East.

While the National security teams are all “lining-up the usual suspects”, there is a lone guy at the lowest level of NSA, the paper letter mail room, (where written death threats come in).  Who thinks he’s found the keys to unravelling this mystery, by finding a letter written this year but labelled with a date 36 years ago describing the assassination of a president.  

But this is a disgraced agent who has been demoted to this lowly post, who is working with a rookie agent who has her own past.   

Can he stop the attacks before more former Presidents are attacked?  


                                                                                 PAGE 01
                                                                                PAGE 02
                                                                               PAGE 03
                                                                                PAGE 04
                                                                               PAGE 05
                                                                               PAGE 06

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