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Friday, 29 March 2013

Hang Low Aim High Western Story samples

The comic publishers "Kurrent Edition" asked Adrian (my illustrator) and I if we had anymore western stories?

I thought for a bit and in the course of a weekend finished writing a 25 page stand alone story called:

"Hang Low Aim High"

The Outline:

A notorious train robber is caught and sentenced to death by hanging in a small Nevada town.

The whole town comes out to see the hanging of the train robber, who is wanted in 3 states.

On the gallows he tells anybody who will listen that his loot is buried, and he will give the location to anyone who spares his life.

Some of the towns people need the money, his old gang wants the money and the Sheriff is left with two choices... the towns safety or seeing justice being served.

Welcome to "Hang Low Aim High"
                                Adrian is using water colors to add to the mood and time period.

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