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Saturday, 2 March 2013

Pitch Comic 2 "The Other Half" (4 issue mini series)

This is a story about the balance of the universe.

Script by me
Drawings by the amazing Adrian Crismaru (we are working on a western story together also)

The Other Half Issue 1 Kelly Bender                                                                                                                      

Page 01 (4 Panels)

Panel 1
We are looking at a 40 year old man, he is 6’2’’ (205 lbs) not skinny, not muscular, but is starting to see the signs of a beer gut. He has Medium length brown hair and a nicely trimmed beard (everything about him shouts money/power and wealth) He is wearing an expensive suit and a Rolex watch (if we see it all)

Monthly reports are showing a 13% increase in profits, and if we land this new contract with the “Nagomi Company”, BURKESTONE TECH is poised to be the top Security Tech Company in the world.

Panel 2
This panel is black with a word bar (in white)

San Francisco, Tuesday July 16th 2013

Panel 3
We are now looking at the room, we can see a large oval oak table, there are 7 people sitting there looking at man speaking. There are 6 men and 1 woman.  (the 7 peoples ages range from late 30’s – early 60’s) the lady is in her 40’s, and one of the guys is in his 50’s have him facing us as he is the man who is speakings closest friend of the group. He is Asian. They are the executives and the man speaking is the CEO it’s his company.  The man is holding a water bottle now.

So gentlemen.... and lady.  
Let’s raise our glasses to the future of BURKESTONE TECH and the future of security.

Panel 4
We can see the people clapping and raising water glasses.

Clap clap 
           (As you can see we went from 4 panels in the script to a clean 3 panels in the finished drawing.)

The Other Half Issue 1 Kelly Bender                                                                                                                        

Page 02 (2 Panels)

Panel 1 (large panel)
This is an aerial shot, we are outside the top of a building with the name BURKESTONE TECH on it. We can see the city, other buildings.



Words: Kelly Bender
Pictures: Adrian Crismaru 

Panel 2
We looking through the glass and seeing the people from the meeting leaving the room. 

The Other Half Issue 1 Kelly Bender                                                                                                                        

Page 03 (5 Panels)

Panel 1
We can see the man who spoke standing at the end of the table gathering up his pages.


Panel 2
We can see the 50 year old Asian man from the meeting leaning against the door frame that the other people just walked out of.

Kyle, you know you have people on staff who would gather your papers for you.
Of course you also have people on staff who are paid to deliver monthly financial reports also.
Me being one of them.

Panel 3
Man who spoke we now know his name to be Kyle.  He is looking up at the person who just spoke.

I know that Peter.
But, it’s my last name on the building and I still like doing some things myself. 
It’s why I still bring bag lunches to work. 

Panel 4
Both men are in the scene now.

I thought you did that because of the new “health conscience” bistro menu downstairs?

You’ve known me the longest Peter.  I’ve always been hands on. 
Going from where we were to what we are today.
That doesn’t happen without getting sweaty and your hands all callused.  

Panel 5
Looking at Peter.

I know Kyle, it’s just that you are getting older, next thing you know your kids will be off to College.
I’m just saying that the company is going great, it has been for quite some time now. 
We’ve got great people handling things.  
You don’t have to work all the time anymore.
Take a break, see the world. 

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