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Sunday, 21 July 2013

"Blood In. Blood Out." Logo and Promo piece

"Blood In. Blood Out." is a gritty urban gang comic book story.

It follows the lives of a gang lord whose gang is running the streets, the prostitutes working the streets for the gang, the drugs being sold and the undercover agents trying to take everybody down.

It is raw, it is uncensored and it is a glimpse into gang life on the 'streets'.

The comic book series is intended for 'mature' audiences as it deals with drugs, killing, sex, profanity and "street language".

This Comic book series will be ready for pitching to a publisher September 2013.

"Blood In. Blood Out." Creative team
Co-Created & Illustrated: Nathan Kelly
Co-Created & Written: Kelly Bender (email:
Colors: Josh Jensen
Letters: Nic J Shaw


  1. Requirement How to draw the Marvel Way, as a primer for comic book art directions. It's fast read ,and available on Utube as 12 part short videos too. The artist needs photo references for the black people in the book. The logo piece could use so dynamic perspective, like the front of the gun barrels more forward, and forced perspective back to the face and torso { horizon line being the eyes }. Contact me if you like more feedback. I have gallery of my pencils on

    1. Hi thanks for your comment and suggestions.

      I will let the artist know.

      The artist is African American so he has lots of references on that subject. :)


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