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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

"Convoy of Corpses" How a comic book page is made (Colored Page included)

"Convoy of Corpses" is a comic book one-shot

"Convoy of Corpses" is an Afghanistan war story, about a team of US military trucks assigned to transport a BBC news crew from Kandahar to Kabul on the highway #1 which is often referred to "Hell's Highway".

Between dangerous driving conditions, narrow roadways, high speeding cars, car bombs and Taliban attacks they will be lucky to survive the trip.

"Convoy of Corpses" creative team:

Created & Written: Kelly Bender
Interior Art: Van Choran
Inks: Ivan Miranda
Colors: Gerardo Garcia
Letters: Nic J Shaw
Cover: Tom Kelly

PAGE 03 Script

Convoy of Corpses Issue 01 Kelly Bender                                                               Page 03

Page 03 (4 Panels)

Panel 1
We can see the sergeant gesturing to CPT PETRIE, Sergeant’s assistant is standing next to the Sergeant.

Geoff Summerside, meet Captain Petrie.
His men will be escorting you to Kabul.
Now if you will excuse me I got real shit to deal with.

Panel 2
We can see PETRIE shaking hands with GEOFF

I have a feeling he doesn't like me very much.

Don’t take it personally. 
He doesn't like anybody that’s not wearing the stars and stripes.

Panel 3
Zoomed back so we can see all four people in the scene. We can see PETRIE and GEOFF of them walking from left to right, PETRIE is leading, the two camera men are following. Carrying their cameras like a briefcase.  They are walking by tents and we can see the bumper or last part of a Cougar H Vehicle in the scene.

Follow me I am just about to brief the team.
Afterwards we are going to have to get your “team” some new rags*, otherwise you won’t last the first 10 miles.

Panel 4
Close up of GEOFF and PETRIE. GEOFF is smiling cockily and PETRIE is stone cold serious.

So if we are just a parcel you are delivering. 
What does that make all of you?
Mail men with guns?


Nope... (continued dialogue next panel) 

                                                                         PAGE 03 Roughs

PAGE 03 Pencils
PAGE 03 Inks
PAGE 03 Colors

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