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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

"Sadistic" Comic Book Character

"Sadistic" is a comic book character I have created which will be appearing in "Moose Crossing #2" Anthology and it's own comic book series after that.

"Evil Moose" is a wicked small time publisher.

They printed my first ever published story called "What was once yours is mine" (it appeared in "Moose Crossing #1" anthology it can be purchased here: (regular copy) and here: (digital copy)

"Sadistic" is the bad guy from the near future "Evil Moose" comic book universe.


Steals other dying peoples souls to maintain his own life. Every time "Sadistic" is dying or dead his body automatically teleports anywhere in the world to another dying persons place and absorbs their soul to stay alive.

Since almost 2 people in the world die each and every second, he could be "re-born" anywhere. Knowing he will always comeback after dying has made "Sadistic" very unpredictable and unstable.

Created & Written: Kelly Bender
Art: Bryant Christopher Yini
Inks: ??
Colors: ??

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