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Thursday, 14 February 2013

My Name is Kelly and I am a writer.

I am as of at the time of this post not a "professional" writer. But I am a writer none the less.

I have ideas, thoughts and inspirations in which the only way I can express them is through the written word. By definition that makes me a writer.

I have written children's book stories, comic book stories, screenplays and short stories for anthologies. All of which (once again at the time of this post) are unpublished.

I have the rejection letters to prove it. (I will post them as more arrive).

I am currently working with an extremely talented group of artists (artist/inker, colorists and letterer) who are in the process of turning one of my comic book scripts into an 8 page pitch, which will hopefully be picked up by a comic publisher.

It is called "False Dawn" and it is a modern day political thriller set in Washington D.C.(Think the movies "Se7en" and "National Treasure" mixed together.)

I also have another talented artist working on another comic pitch for me called "The Other Half".  It is a balance in the Universe type of comic.  (Think "Groundhog Day" meets "The Sixth Sense")

I'll post pictures once they start coming in.

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