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Thursday, 21 February 2013

Story Picked up for Sandy Hook Victims Fund Anthology

The Following story was submitted for the 'Sandy Hook Victims Fund' Anthology being published by Rare Earth Comics. Being a part of this anthology is important to me for obvious reasons, not only did I work in schools for over 15 years, I also have a daughter almost the same age as allot of the younger victims. 


The Mountain Laurel Forever Blooms

Page 1 (4 Panels)

Panel 1(We are seeing plants without flowers coming from the soil, the first stems of the new season)

WORD BAR:  Each spring the Mountain Laurel bloom. 

Panel 2 (we can see seeds in the dirt close up shot)

WORD BAR: Seeds left from the previous autumn, find their ways into the earth, where they find nourishment in the lush Connecticut tundra.

Panel 3 (We can see a snowman built and children’s foot prints in the snow) 

WORD BAR: Over the harsh winter climate, the seeds find comfort and warmth from the roots of the previous year’s blooms.

Panel 4 (this chart is like the evolution of man chart but a mountain laurel, pod, seed, root, stem, flower)

WORD BAR: Through transcension the knowledge learned from the previous seasons are passed on from root to seed.

Page 2 (3 Panels)

Panel 1 (We can see the flowers and lots of kid’s feet walking past or playing near)

WORD BAR: Each year the Mountain Laurels grow strong and more plentiful. 

Panel 2 (We can see the rain and wind and the flowers being pushed around, but still standing we can see kids wearing rubber boots walking past)

WORD BAR: Harsh Spring winds and rains do not stop the flowers from blooming.
Panel 3 (We can see the flowers and a bigger kid carrying a little kid.)

WORD BAR: During hard times the roots, stems and flowers work as one.

Page 3 (4 Panels)

Panel 1 (we can see the flowers, and in the background we can see people hugging each other, some are crying)

WORD BAR: Finding solace in each other.

Panel 2 (large panel)
(Picture of the Connecticut landscape, with flowers, trees, and mountains)

WORD BAR: Knowing that they share the same soil, the same land.  

Panel 3 (Plants getting sun light (sun coming through the clouds after a storm as in a `new day` is dawning)

WORD BAR: Nurturing.

Panel 4 (police men, fire men, ambulance people all holding a bouquet of mountain laurel flowers over their heart) 

WORD BAR: Protecting.

Page 4 (4 Panels)

Panel 1 (we can see the earth from space going around the sun, as in a cycle)

WORD BAR: Then the process begins again. 

Panel 2 (young flowers growing and sprouting pedals)

WORD BAR: Flourishing.

Panel 3
(more flowers with pedals)

WORD BAR: And growing together.

Panel 4
(even more flowers)

WORD BAR: Comfort.

Page 4 Panel 5

(We are seeing a group of flowers with a pole in the background. It is a flower bed of Mountain Laurel’s surrounding the base of a flag post.)

WORD BAR: Unity.

Page 5 Full page

Panel: (We are seeing the flowers at the base of a flag post with the American flag waving. We can see the school and buses full of children and kids running with friends to greet teachers for another school day, we can see a sign saying `Sandy Hook Elementary`)

WORD BAR: The Mountain Laurel Forever Blooming.  

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