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Thursday, 21 February 2013

Script to Comic Page:

In this sequence I will show you how a script becomes a comic page using my first ever comic script "False Dawn" (which I will be pitching to IMAGE Comics this coming April).

"False Dawn" is a modern day political thriller.  (Think "Se7en" meets "National Treasure".)

Step 1:

I wrote the script:

"False Dawn" Issue 01 By Kelly Bender                                                                               Page 01

Panel 1
This is the Republican presidential candidates celebration party hall, we see ticker tape falling, lots of people cheering and 2 people (a husband and a wife) on a stage they are holding hands and all their hands are raised in victory.  He has just won the Presidential election. He is 56+ male with a clean cut haircut, with a little bit of grey on the sides.  He has a Jay Leno Chin, and is broad shouldered . She is an attractive looking 50 year old woman with a business suit and long dark hair.  

Word bar:

November 6th, 2012 20:12 hours

Word Bar:

Washington, DC. Office of Republican Candidate   

Step 2:

My Illustrator the Brilliant Ken Perry does a sample drawing (so that he can show me we are on the same page and what HIS vision of the events are.)

Step 3:

I approve and he starts adding more detail and inking.

Step 3:

Ken Perry adds even more detail and more inking.

Step 4:

The amazing Josh Jensen will add life to this drawing through his amazing colors.

Step 5:

The magnificant Nic Shaw will add my written words to the page.

Step 6:

I will have a complete comic page ready for pitching.

Once I get 8 pages and a cover I will start the pitching process.

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